Review of 12th Meeting: 25th October, 2014

A new venue this time, due to the old one being closed for the next two years. It is likely that this had an effect on turn out, with only four members in attendance. The venue was the arts apartment belonging to Chris Elmes, who is a medieval lute specialist.

Rob MacKillop started with some 19th-century gut-strung banjo music by Frank Converse. Rob gave a spoken introduction to set the scene, then played three delightful pieces, two of which would not have been out of place in a program of 19th-century guitar music: The Dell Schottische, and The Blue Bells of Scotland.

Bill Samson SLEGS

Bill Samson played his own-made 4c guitar: Les Buffons (Morlaye, 1552) and Bransle Simple (Le Roy, 1551). I am always pleased to note that Bill just gets better and better in his SLEGS performances. Very-well played, maestro!

Philip Lord SLEGS

Philip Lord had not prepared anything, but sight-read three pieces from Lute Society publications, and did a pretty good job, including Galliard “Roch el fuss” and Gagliarda di Santino.

Los Trois Diminutions

Stuart McLuckie played two pieces by Carolan, arranged by Alan Alexander: Captain Kain and Eleanor Plunkett. It was good to also hear some lute music, in the form of a Canaries from the Straloch Lute ms.

Chris Elmes SLEGS

Chris Elmes improvised some pieces on a 5c lute by Bill Samson, then refused to let Bill take it home with him! I don’t think the luthier was at all displeased 🙂

Solo Trio

Black and white photos by Rob MacKillop. Colour photos by Bill Samson.

4c Guitar_edited-1










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